VetBioTek BioHex Chlorhexidine and MicroSilver Shampoo for Skin Infections in Dogs, Cats, and Horses (16 oz)

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VetBiotek BioHex Shampoo is an antiseptic, soap-free shampoo formulated for dogs and cats. It contains chlorhexidine and microsilver for protection against certain bacteria. It also helps offer protection against yeast and fungus with active ingredient miconazole. BioHex gently cleanses and helps aid in the treatment of certain skin disorders. It also promotes and reinforces the natural skin barrier with ceramide. BioHex is available in 8 oz and 16 oz bottles. Combine BioHex Shampoo with VetBiotek BioHex Wipes and BioHex Mousse for even more treatment benefits.ANTI-BACTERIAL and ANTI-FUNGAL – Chlorhexidine and Miconazole helps control bacteria and fungi populations.
FORMULATED FOR REDUCING HOT SPOTS AND LESIONS- This antiseptic shampoo is designed to aid in the reduction of harmful bacteria and yeast.
BIOHEX SHAMPOO CONTAINS REVOLUTIONARY MICROSILVER BG – MicroSilver BG is a proprietary ingredient that helps control bacteria, yeast, and biofilm in your pet’s skin. MicroSilver BG is a unique “sticky” ingredient that sticks to your pet’s skin during bathtime and provides antiseptic benefits for your pet until it is washed off during the next bath.
RESTORE THE SKIN BARRIER – VetBiotek BioHex Shampoo features Ceramide III to help promote healthy skin in your pet.
TREATING SKIN CONDITIONS HELPS IMPROVE YOUR PET’S QUALITY OF LIFE – Treating itchy skin is very important as it can affect your pet’s quality of life. Prolonged itching can lead to injury, infection or even scarring, so it’s best to treat appropriately.
RECOMMENDED BY LEADING VETERINARY DERMATOLOGISTS – VetBiotek’s innovative line of products featuring advanced MicroSilver BG are recommended significantly more often than competitive products.
QUALITY ASSURED and MADE IN THE USA: This antiseptic shampoo for dogs, horses, and cats is made with premium ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals. VetBiotek products are produced in the USA to ensure their quality in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

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