Top Performance Oatmeal Pet Conditioner for Bathing Dogs and Cats in 17 Oz. Size – Restores Moisture to Dry, Itchy Skin

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Your pets no longer have to suffer with dry and itchy skin, thanks to the Top Performance Oatmeal Pet Conditioner, which restores moisture to the skin after a bath. Dogs and cats will have their skin irritation alleviated through regular use of the oatmeal conditioner for pets. You may even want to consider pairing this conditioner with Top Performance oatmeal-based shampoo for additional success. The oatmeal-based conditioner for pets is safe for kittens and puppies as young as 6 weeks of age to use. Additionally, the oatmeal conditioner includes a lemon and sage scent that will last long after the bath is completed, keeping your pets smelling great.Great Pairing – You’ll experience the best results for your pet’s dry skin problems when you pair the oatmeal-based pet conditioner with an oatmeal shampoo
Restore Moisture – If your pet suffers from dry and flaky skin, you can use the Top Performance conditioner with oatmeal to restore moisture to the skin
Pleasing Scent – The oatmeal dog conditioner will have your pet smelling great well after the bath, offering a lemon and sage scent
Safe to Use – You can feel safe using the oatmeal conditioner for dog bathing with puppies and kittens as young as 6 weeks of age
17-Ounce Size – When using this conditioner for bathing pets at home, the 17-ounce size is very convenient, although larger sizes are available

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