Tech’n’Toy SunSun 36 Watt PL-L TUV Germicidal UV Replacment Bulb 2G11 Base

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SunSun PL-L 36Watt 4 Pins 2G11 Germicidal Fluorescent Light Bulb Used in a variety of photochemical processes. For residential drinking water, water and air treatment units, stand-alone purifiers and deactivation of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms . Replacement for AQUATOP , Jebo, Jebao, Tetra, SunSun, ViaAqua, Grech, ESU, OASE Coralife, Odyssea, Honeywell , e.t.c.36 Watt Germicidal Fluorescent Ultraviolet Light Bulb
100% Ozone Free Short-wave UV radiation with a peak at 253.7 nm (UVC) for disinfection purposes
Average Life Hour: 10,000hrs
2G11 4-pin Base

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 10.99

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