SUEDE COVER for 3-Step Doggie Stairs for Small Dogs Cats- Fits Best Pet Supplies (18” x 15” x 19”) Foam Pet Steps- Machine Washable Covers- Anti Slip Base- Ultra Plush Supplies for Dog Furniture (Animal Print)

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Switch It Up

Give those trusty pet stairs a whole new look with our eye-catching covers! You have the
choice between dark brown, light brown, cheetah print, white lambswool, black paw on beige,
and beige paw on black. Whether you want to go for a contemporary toned down look or spruce
things up with eye-catching prints, you’ll find just what you need from our impressive collection.
Our covers are designed specifically for Best Pet Supplies dog stairs, and provide a great fit that
will treat your little pooch or kitty to fresh-looking steps.

Safety in Mind

We’re all about ensuring that your little pet is nice and safe as they make their way up our stairs.
That’s why we’ve made these covers using fuzzy faux suede that gives those little paws great traction.
So now your adorable fur-face will manage to step onto that couch or high bed without slipping. And
to make climbing even safer, we’ve fitted the covers with an anti-slip bottom that helps keeps the pet
stairs even sturdier. Treat your existing dog steps to a layer of added safety!

Here’s why you’ll love these pet covers:

– Ultra plush faux suede fabric treats your pet to comfort.

– Machine washable without losing shape or color.

– Can be easily removed or replaced thanks to the strong zipper.

– Made with great attention to detail for a beautiful finished look.

Give those existing puppy stairs a whole new look with our incredibly comfy and impressively
durable step covers. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!PET STEPS COVER ONLY: Give your dog steps a quick and inexpensive update with our lovely dog stairs covers. Available in dark brown, light brown, cheetah print, lovely white, and 2 eye-catching paw prints, these covers for foam pet stairs will give your home a beautiful touch.Designed for Best Pet Supplies Foam Stairs Only
– PROVIDES EASIER ACCESS: Our suede covers provide safe traction to help your little pet climb up much easier. They’re great at reducing the risk of your pooch sliding off the puppy stairs, and even come with an anti-slip bottom to make the pet ladder stairs much sturdier.
– ULTRA PLUSH FABRIC: We’ve used faux suede and sherpa to make these covers for pet stairs and ramps incredibly comfy. Your little pup or kitty will love the soft fabric, which also takes off the strain on paws & legs to help manage or prevent joint problems.
– GREAT FIT: These covers are carefully sized to specifically fit Best Pet Supplies foam doggie steps for small dogs. The 3-step cover fits 18″ x 15″ x 13″ pet bed stairs, the 4-step fits 24″ x 19″ x 15″ stairs, while the 5-step cover beautifully goes over our 30″ x 15″ x 23″ pet stairs for dogs.
– HASSLE FREE MAINTEANCE: Simply toss the pet stairs covers into the washing machine whenever they need cleaning. The zippered cover is very easy to remove and replace, and we’ve even included step-by-step instructions in the product pictures to help you along. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

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