Solid Gold Dog Supplement Calming Aid; Grain Free Chews with Chamomile, 60ct

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Help your pet find inner peace again with Solid Gold Calming Aid Chews. A powerful blend of natural ingredients, including chamomile and passion flower to promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness, plus ginger to support sensitive stomachs. L-Tryptophan and melatonin help dogs manage stress while also helping to reduce destructive or anxious behavior. Solid Gold Calming Aid is ideal for use to help dogs cope with everyday stress including travel, boarding, separation, vet visits, thunderstorms and fireworks. This delicious chew is easy to feed and is great for even picky eaters.  Administer chew 30 minutes prior to stress-inducing event to help promote rest and relaxation. 60 count jar provides 30 doses for 27-50 lb dog. See packaging for dosage recommendations by pet’s weight. Made in the USA.
Caution: Consult your veterinarian prior to using this product if your pet is taking  MAO inhibitors, sedatives or prescription pain mediation.

A natural, holistic and grain-free supplement that helps dogs manage stress and promotes relaxation during stressful periods
Ideal for dogs suffering from nervousness, hyperactivity or discontentment due to separation, travel, vet visits, storms, fireworks and other stress-inducing situations
Natural ingredients for a balanced, non-drowsy, soothing calm: chamomile and passion flower promote relaxation without drowsiness, with ginger to support sensitive stomachs
Helps reduce destructive or anxious behavior: L-Tryptophan and melatonin promote relaxation to help pets manage stress
Safe and effective for daily or long term use. Administer chew 30 minutes prior to stress-inducing event. Delicious chew is convenient, easy to use and ideal for picky eaters

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 12.39

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