PlayfulSpirit Durable Natural Rubber Ring – Great Tug of War Dog Toy, Fun for Throw, Chase and Fetch Games, Exercise and Dog Training Toy for Medium to Large Breed Puppies and Adult Dogs (L, Orange)

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What would it take to have more interactive fun time with your dog than you ever thought? The key to a dog’s wellbeing is plenty of play and exercise. Dogs are social animals and they become frustrated if their natural instincts are supressed. Games like fetch, tug and chase address a dog’s instinctual needs. One of the best things to do for your pet’s health is to choose exercise and have interactive playtime that lifts up your spirit as well. Depending on your dog’s temperament and breed there are many exciting things that you and your doggy can do together playing with this product – throw and catch, fetch and tugging plays with you or with other dogs if name any. Tug of war game is very exciting for many dogs and therefore it can help your dog learn to obey your commands, even under extremely stimulating conditions. Learning to drop the ring when you ask him to can translate to your dog knowing how to obey you during other exciting situations. Our pets are an important family members to us, therefore this product is designed and made from durable pet-friendly and safe materials not to harm our furry friends while they are playing. Interactive play is a great way to leave your dog happy and excausted, decreasing the chances of boredom or stress-related negative behaviors. If you are ready to challenge your dog’s mind and give an extra joyful kick to daily walks, click add to cart now to find out what you’ve been missing .PET-FRIENDLY AND SAFE MATERIALS This toy is made of non-toxic semi-hard natural rubber. RING’s WEIGHT is 10.2 OZ and makes this rubber dog toy solid and durable. It is tough enough to stand up to teeth and strong and resilient enough for tug-of-war plays.
VERY USEFUL TO FULFILL DOG’S NATURAL URGES to grab and pull on things with their mouth. Chewing is important for puppies who explore the world through their mouths and also for adult dogs to keep their jaws strong, teeth clean and to relieve anxiety and frustration.
PERFECT TO CATCH and PLAY TUG OF WAR games – ring’s diameter is 6 inches and width 1 inch which allows your dog to have a good grip while catching it. Best FOR MEDIUM AND LARGER DOGS or LARGE BREED PUPPIES to play with together!
CREATIVE PLAYTIME mixed with learning some basic commands MAKE REGULAR WALKS MORE FUN, strengthens bond between you and pet, increases intelligence and creates happy spirit, which means less destructive behaviour and more happy healthy pet.
GUARANTEED TO HAVE HOURS OF EXERCISE AND FUN TIME whether you play tug of war with or teach your pup a fetch!

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