Petyls Multi, Functional Two, Sided 100% Silicone Pet Brush for Dogs and Cats, Deshedding, Grooming, Brushing, Massaging, Relaxing, Use Wet or Dry, Perfect for Baths, Cleans and Shines Coat, Blue

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Color:Blue brush for short haired small pets, style:Small petfurbliss is the most revolutionary pet brush on the market and is the “no fuss brush ” traditional pet brushes are made out of metal, steel, or wire that cause discomfort and may harm your pet. Furbliss is made from 100% soft medical grade silicone that provides comfortable and safe brushing. This patented two, sided design provides brushing, deshedding, massaging, relaxing, and exfoliation all, in, one the multi, functional design can be used wet or dry and is perfect for baths the silicone material attracts fur like a magnet and the backside of the furbliss brush can remove fur and lint from clothing, furniture, and auto interiors. Cleaning the furbliss brush is a breeze.. Simply rinse under water or throw into the dish washer or washing machine veterinarian and groomer recommended for all pets and coat types. Your pet will feel pure bliss with furbliss.Deshedding, brushing, massaging, exfoliating, all in one multi, functional two, sided brush for pets
100% premium medical grade silicone and patented design provides comfortable and safe
Veterinarian and groomer recommended for all pets, stimulates the circulation and nourishes the skin
Massaging and calming action relaxes your pet while brushing leaving your pet feeling pure bliss
Use wet or dry, perfect for baths cleans and shines the coat, back side of brush removes fur

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