PetSilver 50 ppm Wound Spray with New Chelated Silver

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PetSilver Wound Spray is a new patented “Chelated Silver” wound care product. Pet Silver can be used on a variety of skin issues including cuts, abrasions, wounds, burns, bacteria infections, skin rashes or dermatitis. PetSilver is 100% natural and non-toxic and testing has shown to kill over 650 disease causing organisms. Pet Silver has shown to relieve pain and itching while reducing inflammation. The presence of silver near a virus, fungus, bacteria or other single pathogens disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme and within 4-6 minutes the pathogen suffocates and dies. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which also destroy beneficial enzymes, Pet Silver leaves these tissues-cell enzymes intact. Chelated silver has proven to be a remedy and prevention to many infections and the fermentation of various bacteria. Safe for pets to lick and digest. Can even put some in their water dish, spray to kill germs on pet toys, bowls, etc.PetSilver Spray is a veterinarian formulated chelated silver ion wound spray for dogs and cats. Can be used to treat a variety of skin issues including burns, insect bites, flea and tick bites
Hot Spot treatment, painless, odorless and non-toxic. PetSilver may be applied directly onto wound. Silver has been known as an antimicrobial agent and has shown to speed healing in skin wound care and burn treatment
PetSilver relieves pain and inflammation. Medical research has shown that “silver promotes rapid healing” and Kills 99.9% of bacteria. A must have if you have a pet in your home. Other uses: Spray in water and food dishes, kill germs on pet toys
Proven antimicrobial properties that act as an anti viral and anti bacterial for – Internal and External use. Use to treat mange and skin infections caused by yeast and bacteria growth

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 18.58

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