Pet Qwerks X Tire Ball Dog Toy with Animal Noises, Makes Barnyard Sounds When Touched

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Every ball makes more than 20 realistic animal sounds, including a lion, frog, coyote, dog, pigs, horse, rooster, elephant, cow, goat, cat, and a variety of birds. Sounds are activated by touch, and turn off automatically. This is the ultimate in pet entertainment. Dogs can’t get enough of this toy! Our design also includes replaceable batteries. To replace batteries: remove 2 screws from bottom of babble ball to remove battery cover, remove used batteries and replace with new ones: AG13/LR44 is the battery size and 3 are needed, replace cover and 2 screwsA pair of ruggedly molded tires makes over 20 animal sounds
Rolling action and easy for dogs to retrieve
Fun for dogs and allows them to get exercise as well as relieve boredom
Batteries are included AG13/LR44 is the battery size, 3 are needed for replacement

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 10.99 7.06

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