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The Dog Pet Hair Removal Brush is for every kind of dog-long or short hair, large, medium or small! Our brush is a multi-purpose tool, and will not only groom your pup, but will also remove dog hair / fur from your furniture and upholstery. Instead of investing in multiple pet gloves, stones, sponges, mitts, brooms, and other products to keep your home clean from pet hair, try our all-in-one reusable (and washable) brush. We designed this easy and effective tool for you in mind! Ridding your furniture, carpet, and clothing of pet hair is time consuming and frustrating without the right tool-we know, we’ve been there! We know you are fed up with cheaply made pet tools that break with a couple of uses, and before you know it every couch, chair, crack, and crevice of your house is full of dog hair. Luckily for you, there’s now a solution! If you’re a dog lover who cares about keeping your home clean and would love to find the best magic home furniture cleaner, “The Dog Pet Hair Removal Brush” is the answer you’ve been looking for! Why wait another day to get your home looking showroom clean? Oh, and we also designed it so it will not damage your couch, clothes or rugs, PLUS it’s washable and reusable-very for the environmentally conscious! Our dog hair remover brush makes for a great xmas gift for your dawg / puppy-or for that dog lover in your life whose house could use some sprucing up.Easy to Clean Upholstery and Car Interior: Our portable design makes for easy cleaning of loose hairs and lint off your carseats, floor, and mats. Whether you have a sedan, truck, or vintage car, our tool works on all cars and vehicles and is easy to keep in the backseat!
Ideal for Cleaning Pet Hair: Our brush has a magnetic quality that builds up static charge on the brush which lets you easily massage, brush, comb and groom both long or short dog hair off your couch and carpet – Easily remove dog hair and fur from your upholstery!
Works Well on Both Long and Short Hair Pet: It gets the most hair and fur off them, while it doesn’t always stay on the brush it does accumulate on the edge of the brush so you can easily grab it.This works well on both long haired and short haired pets.
Work like a massage: They are soft enough that even a picky little girl likes the feel of it. It doesn’t scratch like the metal brushes. They are also safer for pets to try to grab and chew on.Don’t worry about wire cutting their mouth or stiff bristles poking them.
Lifetime warranty: We offer a 30 days money back guarantee and easy to reach friendly customer service which is sold by HelloPet.

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 9.99

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