Penn Plax 3 Step Carpeted Pet Stairs for Both Cats and Dogs Holds Up To 150 LBS 12.75 Inches High

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The Penn Plax 3 Step Carpeted Pet Stairs provide a lift to both cats and dogs up to 150 pounds. These steps are a great benefit for either smaller or older pets, or pets with medical issues as it helps them reach their favorite spot by giving them a lift.
Simply place these pet stairs near a bed, couch, chair, or even your car and watch your pet climb on their own and grab a seat with ease.
These high quality, fully carpeted steps also help protect your items from damage. By eliminating the need to jump up and down onto your furniture, you will end all of those accidental scratches in your wood and tears in your fabric.
These pet stairs are wider and less steep than our competitors, offering more room to maneuver and easier ascending and descending.
Made of quality engineered wood, these fully carpeted steps are strong and durable and best of all, there is absolutely no assembly required.
Manufactured by Penn Plax, one of the most trusted names in pet supplies, this 3 Step Pet Stairs solution measures 12.75 inches high by 14.75 inches wide and 18.5 inches deep and are suitable for both cats and dogs.Help your pet reach a high bed, couch, or chair with steps. Pet stairs help to prevent damage when pets jump and accidentally claw furniture.
Great for small cats and dogs that may need a boost to reach their destination. Three wide steps for 12.75 inches total height each provide for easy up and down.
These stairs are made of quality engineered wood and offer durability and strength. Pet steps can hold up to 150 pounds.
Covered in soft yet durable carpet. Lightweight and portable, these pet steps can be moved anywhere they are needed.
No assembly needed! Unlike our competitors, these pet steps are ready to use direct from the box. No hassling with tools and instructions.

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 50.89

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