LICKS Dog Zen Calming Aid Supplements – 15-use (Roasted Chicken Flavor)

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LICKS ZEN is a holistic calming remedy for dogs experiencing anxiety or aggressive behavior from thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, vet visits, kennels, or shelters. With a high number of active ingredients in each pre-dosed gel packet, Zen only requires 30-60 minutes to activate and keeps your dog calm for 4-6 hours. • Zen works with adopted dogs that are adjusting to a new environment. • On car rides and long travel periods can be a very stressful time for dogs, Zen helps to ease anxiety and keeps your dog calm during your adventures together. • Zen also relieves stress from thunderstorms and summer firework shows that typically disrupt your dog’s inner balance. • Large gatherings such as birthday parties, 4th of July cookouts, Thanksgiving, and Christmas can also make your dog uneasy, LICKS ZEN helps ensure your dog is at ease even around new friends. The Organic Ashwagandha Root used in LICKS ZEN eases aggressive tendencies dogs may experience in stressful situations. About LICKS Pill-Free LICKS Pill-Free is an innovative new delivery system for high quality supplements. Unlike pills or chews, LICKS comes in individually dosed, great tasting gel packets which allow for a 98% absorption rate. Each LICKS formula is made in the USA in human facilities with all natural, human grade ingredients that have been sourced in the Americas. For easy administration, LICKS can be added to food, direct to mouth, or in a separate bowl. With medicinal levels of each active ingredient and a 98% absorption rate, LICKS is a next generation solution to pet ailments.An all natural calming remedy for dogs that may experience situational anxiety from thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, vet visits, kennels, or shelters
Fast-Acting and easy to use – highly palatable with high doses of active ingredients
Pill-Free administration process allows for 98% absorption rate vs. 20% with pills and chews. In other words, LICKS is up to 10x’s more effective than pills or chews!
Sourced and produced in the USA, with Great Roasted Chicken Taste! Made with 100% real, all-natural chicken in facilities and with ingredients for products meant for human consumption – 100% Human Grade.
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Patented Ingredient formulation: Administer direct to mouth of dog or in a separate bowl; use consistently to achieve desired results.

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