Kurgo Heather Half Dog Hammock Style Seat Cover for Pets, Pet Seat Cover, Dog Car Hammock – Waterproof, Heather Charcoal

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You love to bring your dog along on car rides, but your human passengers need space too. The Kurgo Half Dog HammockTM is for dog owners that want to keep half the backseat for passengers (or groceries, or car seats) while keeping their dog in his place on the other side. Plus it’s a waterproof dog car hammock. Our version connects to all four headrests and creates a low barrier that keeps your pup on his side of the car.HALF SIZED HAMMOCK: This is a half hammock that protects half of your car seat so you can use the remaining half in case you need to store large items or for other purposes; the car hammock blocks your pup’s access to the front seat, keeping him Fido safe in the back seat; it also provides a comfortable area for dogs who need extra support, or easily fall into the footwell during short stops
PROTECTS YOUR CAR’S SEATS: Car seat cover hammock protects your car seat from doggy damage, dirt, and dander; hangs between the front and back car seats; cover is waterproof and stain resistant making clean-up a breeze
ALLOWS ROOM FOR HUMAN PASSENGER: The center zipper can be opened, and one side folded down to allow for human passengers to share the back seat with your pup.; you can use it as a hammock or simply remove the front attachments to create a full seat cover
VERSATILE AND SECURE FIT: Openings allow for easy access to seat belts, pet restraints, and child car seat latches; plastic seat anchors help secure the cover to the base of the seat; measures 55″ Wide x 56″ Long; may not fit large trucks and SUVs
LIFETIME WARRANTY: Product comes with hassle-free Kurgo Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects when purchased new from authorized dealer

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