KeriCure Tough Seal Hot Spot Liquid Bandage, Spray on Soothing Gel and Protective Invisible Barrier against Infection

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Soothe and treat your pet’s hot spots and other irritating skin conditions with KeriCure’s Tough Seal Hot Spot Spray Gel. Fast and natural healing in one effective, non toxic spray. Hot spots, rashes, flea dermatitis, allergies, sunburn and skin irritations can really upset our pets, and their natural instinct to lick sore areas only makes them worse. Restore your pets happiness with our innovative cat and dog hot spot treatment. It instantly calms the irritation caused by hot spots and forms a strong invisible barrier over sore areas, making them resistant to licking, biting and picking. This barrier helps to speed up the natural healing process by creating the ideal healing conditions beneath the sealed area. The hot spot will stay clean, reducing the risk of infection from bacteria and other germs. Once the area has healed, the gel barrier will fall off naturally. Use it to help soothe hot spots on dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, birds and all other pets who have to face the pain and discomfort of these red and sore skin conditions. Our natural, non toxic ingredients are totally safe if licked and won’t cause any stinging. Effective yet gentle, our product can be used up to three times a day. Each bottle contains approximately 340 sprays. Our scientifically based, proprietary formula provides natural all in one protection for hot spots. It contains NO harsh chemicals, toxins, preservatives or additives, our Tough Seal Hot Spot Spray Gel is kind to the skin, won’t sting and won’t cause stomach irritation if your pet licks it. It mimics the natural barrier properties of the skin and prevents dirt and germs from getting into the area that can potentially cause infection. Our unique spray gel formula sets our product apart because it doesn’t run like traditional treatments. Proudly developed and made in the USA, Tough Seal Hot Spot Spray Gel is the only hot spot treatment you’ll need.INSTANTLY RELIEVE and PROTECT HOT SPOTS. Our effective Hot Spot Spray Gel targets the inflammation and irritation that causes rashes and hot spots on dogs and other pets’ skin. Save on veterinarian bills and reduce the time it takes for hot spots and rashes to heal. Hot spots lead to pain, distress and irritation. Use our spray gel to instantly relieve soreness and itching, stop bleeding and form a protective barrier over the area. Soothe, seal and heal, and regain your happy pet.
SUITABLE FOR ALL FURRY FRIENDS. Use our naturally soothing hot spot treatment on dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and other animals. No matter what size your pet, from the smallest mouse, to the largest dog, our Hot Spot Spray Gel effectively soothes, seals and protects. If your pet has been scratching affected areas, causing them to bleed, our spray gel will also help to minimize minor bleeding with no need for additional bandages.
SAFELY PROMOTE HEALING. Easily apply our Hot Spot Spray Gel to hot spots, rashes and red, sore areas to soothe, seal and heal. Our spray gel forms an invisible barrier to dirt and bacteria, leaving the area clean and able to heal quickly and naturally. It also stops your pet from licking or scratching the area, which makes hot spots and rashes worse. Once the wound has healed, our Tough Seal Hot Spot Spray Gel treatment falls off naturally, leaving skin healthy.
UNIQUE, POWERFUL FORMULA. Our dog hot spot treatment contains a unique and natural cellulose gel that helps to soothe and moisturize while keeping the product in place as hot spots heals. The gel won’t run after you spray it and will adhere to the skin almost immediately, becoming an invisible protective barrier in minutes. It won’t cause a stinging sensation, and it mimics the natural barrier properties of the skin to help protect hot spots and rashes from becoming worse or infected.
NON TOXIC and SAFE. Our spray gel treatment for hot spots on dogs and other pets contains no harsh chemicals, toxins, additives or preservatives. It’s completely safe if licked and is gentle enough to be used three times a day without causing irritation. As well as hot spots, it can effectively and instantly help to soothe dermatitis, sores, burns, minor wounds, lesions and abrasions. Ideal for your dog first aid kit and handy enough to be carried around when you need it.

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