K-10+ Urinary Tract Health Supplement Powder for Dogs; UT/Lawn Care for Your Dog’s Water – 28 ct. Box

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Tend to your dog’s unique needs with K-10+ UT Support/Lawn Care Supplement for your Dog’s Water. This formula contains the optimal combination of ingredients to help support and maintain urinary tract health. The water-soluble formula is absorbed in your dog’s mouth while he drinks, making it fast acting and stress free. This uniquely formulated supplement also works to care for your lawn by reducing discoloration and yellow spots in the areas your canine companion frequents when he’s out and about. Your lawn stays greener for longer, giving both you and your pet a lush outdoor space you can enjoy together. Mix a single-serve packet in your dog’s water bowl to provide your dog the active ingredients to be his healthiest without the mess or difficulty of pills or gels. With K-10+ dog supplements, it’s easy to take your K-9 to the next level.One (1) 28-Count Box – K-10+ Ut Support/Lawn Care Supplement For Your Dog’S Water
Helps Promote Urinary Health And Reduce Lawn Discoloration With A Proprietary Blend Of Ingredients
Water-Soluble Formula Is Absorbed While Your Dog Drinks, Making It Fast Acting And Stress Free
Veterinarian Trusted
Made In The Usa

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 29.99

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