Head Tilt HT61011R-XL Service Dog Harness, X-Large, Red


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The Head Tilt Service Dog Harness is designed with comfort in mind. It’s fully padded harness and chest piece includes a centralized D-ring for better control, integrated reflective stitching and a service dog patch that alerts others your furry companion is a service dog. These features combined with the Service Dog Harness’s locking buckles give the user peace of mind while using the harness.Locking Buckles- Easily accessible locking buckles prevent accidental unbuckling of your beloved dog harness
Service Dog Patch- The Head Tilt Service Dog Harness can be turned into an everyday use harness by simply removing the Velcro service dog patch
Non-Choking and Pull Design- Its fully padded upper torso and chest restraining straps provide maximum comfort
Reflective Stitching- Integrated double layered stitching along the outside of the harness combined with reflective strips allow for a safer walking experience during late-night walks
Centralized D-ring- Dual centralized D-rings eliminate choke points, while an added handle gives owners better control of their pet

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 14.97

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