Greenbone Everyday Use No Alcohol Fomula Natural Pet Wipes 84 Count 8″ x 7″

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Made from Botanical Lemon Grass which is naturally anti-fungal, insect repelling and deodorizing. Keep your pets clean everyday with gentle natural wipes! Ingredients are: Purified Water, Lemon extract oil, Aloe Vera leaf juice, Vitamin E, Lanolin.HELPS REDUCE EFFECTS OF PET ALLERGIES: No Alcohol formula cares and cleans your pet’s coat without drying and reduces the effects of pet allergies caused by pet dander.
NATURAL MATERIALS: 100% Natural Material, made with natural botanical Lemongrass! Stays moist longer, even after opening the package.
CLEANSING AND SOOTHING: Naturally Antimicrobiall kills fungus without harsh toxic chemicals! Wipes away dead hair and dander, the nurishing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E sooth skin.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Can also be used to clean pets paws, areas, toys, mats, etc. Keeping your pets things fresh! Also, has a natural insect repellent keeping bugs and other unwanted critters away from your beloved pet.
ELIMINATES ODOR: Removes disturbing odor causing bacteria that can make you and your pup sick. Make sure your family stays healthy by wiping down your pets things!
Freshens and Eliminates odor
Natural Lemongrass
No Alcohol

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