GigaBite Puffed Pig Snouts for Dogs (50 Pack) – USDA & FDA Certified All Natural Pork Nose Dog Treat – by Best Pet Supplies


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Full of Flavor

Our animal ear treats come packed with a rich flavor and mouth watering chewiness that will 
have your pup doing little imaginary cartwheels! We slowly roast the animal ears to lock in the
flavor and create a treat that is simply delish. But these aren’t just any animal ears; they’re 
100% natural. NO preservatives. NO hormones. NO chemicals. We exclusively source our cow 
and pork ears from the healthiest free range, grass fed animals from Brazil, and process them 
in an ultra-hygienic facility. Treat your furry friend to nothing but the best. 
Great for your Pup

It’s not just about flavor; these cow and pig ears are some of the healthiest treats you can give to
your cherished canine. As your doggie merrily chews away, the animal ears help remove lodged 
food particles that cause bad breath, and reduce dangerous plaque and tartar buildup. The treats 
are also a great source of protein! They treat your dog to essential amino acids required for growth, 
and help develop healthy skin and a beautiful coat. 

Here’s why you and your pup will love these treats: 

  • Made in a FDA certified facility that is regularly USDA tested.
  • Fully digestible and packed with healthy protein.
  • Irradiated to safely kill microorganisms and extend shelf life.
  • Come in full and half sizes to suit just about any dog.
  • Help prevent chewing damage by satisfying the natural urge to do so.

Treat your pup to all-natural animal ears that are great for their health and a delicious blast for 
their taste buds. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!


PUFFED SNOUTS: Each puffed pig snout is packed with protein and makes for a great alternative to traditional rawhide treats.
ALL NATURAL GOODNESS: These single-ingredient dog treats are made with NO artificial ingredients, NO hormones, NO preservatives and NO additives for a 100% natural chew.
PROMOTES HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS: Reduce dangerous plaque and tartar buildup by treating your pooch to one of these natural chews. Every bite helps give their pearly whites a thorough cleaning and provides a protein boost for all-around health.
DELICIOUSLY CHEWY: Pig snouts are slowly roasted to lock in their natural flavor and chewiness, resulting in a delicious treat your dog will absolutely relish. These scrumptious pork treats will also help your furry friend relieve stress and boredom.
SAFE FOR YOUR PET: Our hypoallergenic dog treats are produced in an FDA-certified facility and are inspected by the USDA for safety upon arrival in the US. Reward your cherished canine with a safe, irresistible treat. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 57.38

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