FurryFido Treat Dispensing Dog Toy, Smart Interactive IQ Ball (M)

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Reasons your dog needs FurryFido’s treat dispensing dog toy- smart interactive iq ball. Increases iq: We are sure you want your dog to have a healthy physical body, but not only that. You want to stimulate their mind and increase their iq. This iq treat ball will help do just that through challenging your dog to figure out how to dispense food while they play. Keeps dogs entertained: We don’t want your house furniture to be your dog’s doy. The FurryFido treat dispensing dog toy will keep your dog entertained and prevent them from heading to your favorite household goods. Strong material: This is so important for your dog. Our dog toy’s strong material will work great for your active dog. Color: Blue whole dog toy: 4.5 inches in diameter dispensing treat opening: 0.75 inches in diameter.Increases iq – FurryFido iq treat dog toy keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated as they figure out how to retrieve treats
Dispenses treats – fill the ball with your dog’s favorite treats or food and it’ll spill out while they play
Entertaining sound – comes with unique fun sound to keep dogs intrigued and entertained instead of tearing about your household goods
Non-TOXIC MATERIAL – Made by non-toxic material which is safe for your dog’s active fun.
Cleans teeth – through its unique pattern design, it helps clean your dog’s teeth as their having fun

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