Essential Pet Products Brewers Yeast Chewable Tablets with Garlic, B Vitamins & Minerals for Dogs


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Savory flavor Brewer’s yeast chewable tablets, A high quality natural source of B-Vitamins to help support a healthy skin and coatFeatures: brewer’s yeast flavored with garlic containing B vitamins and minerals with biotin, Zinc, copper, and manganese.
Benefit: an excellent source of protein, trace minerals, and B-complex vitamins that help support a healthy skin and coat.
Safe: Made with human-grade ingredients in an FDA registered facility.
Quality assured and tested: Manufactured in the USA under camp standards. Ingredients and finished product analyzed under strict laboratory procedures at an ISO 17025 Verified facility.
Flavor: Flavor profiles that pets love and beg for more.

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 14.99

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