Dr. Brite Pet Pure Teeth & Gum Cleaning Pen | Fights Tartar Buildup | Freshens Pet Breath | Helps Reduce Plaque | Boosts Gum Health | Contains Vitamin C | 100% Safe, Human-Grade Ingredients

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100% Natural, Organic and Gluten-Free. Dentist Created. Pet pure is the only oral health solution that is used for both preventative and post care for periodontal disease, and plaque and tartar control in dogs and cats. Pet pure’s unique teeth and gum cleaning system dramatically reduces gum inflammation and gets rid of bacteria that causes tooth decay in as little as two weeks of use.FOR DOGS AND CATS: Our Pet Pure Teeth & Gum Cleaning Pen is safe for both dogs and cats! Just rub our twist-up pen on your pet’s teeth to polish and cleanse them and they’re good to go!
NATURAL, HUMAN-GRADE INGREDIENTS: Oral hygiene is important for pets, too! We like to keep bad breath away naturally. Our gentle formula includes Vitamin C and organic coconut, grapefruit seed, and parsley seed oil.
WILL BOOST ORAL HEALTH: The Pet Pure Teeth & Gum Cleaning Pen will fight tartar buildup, remove plaque, and improve gum health all while keeping your pet’s teeth and breath fresh and clean! We include organic grapefruit seed oil to act as an antibacterial, anticandidal, and antifungal defense.
PARSLEY SEED OIL: We added parsley seed oil to our solution so it neutralizes stinky pet breath, which means more enjoyable hugs and kisses with your pet!
EASY TO USE: The Pet Pure Teeth & Gum Cleaning Pen is an easy to use, twist up pen that’s gentle on your pet!  The soft, silicone scrubber tip makes taking care of your pet’s oral health a breeze.

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