DeShedding Brush by Furryfido Wooden Design, Effective Grooming Tool for Dog, Cat and Horse Fur Remove

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dog brushREMOVE SHEDDING HAIR – Use the Koodella self cleaning cat & dog brush to remove up to 90% of shedding hair .. Just grip the ergonmic handle and gently glide the ‘skin safe’ stainless steel comb over your pets coat..
SELF-CLEANING – Once you have filled up the deshedding tool with hair, just press the self cleaning button and release…It’s that simple! Unlike other dog brushes for shedding, you don’t have to pull the fur out yourself. It suits both long and short hair cats and dogs that shed.
PROMOTES HEALTH & BONDING – Cat & Dog brushes are proven to be healthy for pets because they remove shedding hair…BUT they also relieve stress, increase bonding, allow you to monitor skin conditions (on your pet) and decrease allergies caused shedding hair.
UNBREAKABLE GUARANTEE – If you don’t like this dog brush we will refund you, it is that simple. Unlike other dog brushes we are 100% confident that you and your pet will love it.

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