Best Dog Toys for Physical Development

While cats are pretty much on their own and you don’t regularly need to take them out for walks, dogs depend more on you.  They look up and expect you’d walk them, play with them, and come up with exciting ways of interacting and stay active.

Dogs also need their space to walk, run, and wander around, and small houses might not keep them busy enough.

Here, we will tell you about the games and toys that can help you keep your dog active. You need to be with them to monitor most of these, but even if you don’t, make sure they use these.

Check out some of the best ways to interact with your dog:

Play Fetch

Playing fetch is one of the most common dog games because they understand it well. You need to use an object that you can quickly throw, and they can bring back with their mouth. They fetch the object and run to get there. The best toy to use this will be a toy bone. They can easily grasp it with their mouth and come back to you. Many people play fetch at home, but that’s not active enough for them. Take them outdoor and indulge them in such an activity.

Hide and Seek

You don’t need any toy for this, but you need someone to play with the pet. You can ask any family member to go outside, or you can play him too. Train your pet to stay when you ask him to and then hide somewhere he can’t easily see you. Call out to him, and he will find you due to his sharp ears. See if they understand the game well enough to do the hiding and you find him.

Obstacle Course

Expert vets from Pharr Road Animal Hospital tell us that dogs must play games like the obstacle course. You can buy a set and place obstacles in your backyard and take your dog around it. Your pet has to hop, skip, and jump to go across these hurdles and it keeps them pretty active. If you plan to have your dog participate in one such activity, you’d need him to practice first. You can DIY to create an obstacle course and add used tires, orange traffic cones, and help your dog play.

Water Games

Dogs love to swim in the water, and if your country has long summer months, you will try this out. They run around sprinklers and hose in a garden, so when you put them into a pool, you’d know how much they’ll love it.

There are plenty of toys that you can add to a swimming pool to interest your dog to hop in and enjoy. Try to buy rubber products that are big enough not to swallow down.

See if your dog makes his way from one end of the pool to the other and swim along with them. It is another way to interact with them and keep exercising alive.

Chew Toys

Dogs need to chew toys just like babies need them. It is necessary for their physical health especially when they are puppies. When you give them toys to eat, you are sure that they are away from fancy things around the house.

Buy durable toys that they can chew but not destruct. These shouldn’t be too hard on their teeth or big enough to go down their mouth.


The puzzle toys have different shapes and sizes, and you buy them for your dog’s mental health. It prevents boredom, especially when you are not around. These puzzles can be toys that make some feeding device like a ball that you use for treating him. Check out forage toys for dogs that they need to go through for managing themselves.

You can also incorporate board games or puzzles that hide treats. Sliding disks or plush toys are exciting options that keep them engaged.

Play games with what they love

Every pet has a favorite product that is something that they’d find around the house. You must allow your pet to play with it and think of interesting ways to help him too. It can be a squeaky toy, a blanket, a bone, or anything else. If you use it as a toy and play with him, it will make him happy mentally and keep him active physical.

Every pet needs to stay active so make dog walking a regular activity for your pet. You need to give him time just the way your family members need time. Neglecting a pet can make him feel depressed and lonely. Make sure you also take them to a vet every time they need to visit one, to keep a check on their overall state.