Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser Refill for Dogs


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Is your dog barking excessively, whining and hiding? These behaviors are likely caused by fear and anxiety. ADAPTIL is a clinically proven, drug free solution that helps your dog feel calmer. ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser Refill provides “comforting messages” (dog appeasing pheromones) that helps dogs feel calm and relaxed in situations like loud noises (thunderstorms and fireworks), staying home alone, or other fearful situations. These odorless messages are only perceived by dogs and provide a strong signal of security and comfort. Cats and people are not affected. ADAPTIL Calm Refill vials include one refill vial (diffuser head sold separately). Plug in diffuser where your dog spends the most time. Should be used up to 30 days. Covers an area up to 700 sq. ft. It is recommended to replace the refill every 4 weeks, even if a small amount of liquid remains in the vial (the vial might not be completely empty at 4 weeks).VET RECOMMENDED: Adaptil is the #1 Vet Recommended solution to help dogs adjust to challenging situations and curb stress related unwanted behaviors
DRUG FREE SOLUTION: The diffuser emits an odorless pheromone that provides a strong signal of comfort and security to dogs. Covers up to 700 sq feet
CLINICALLY PROVEN: May be used to help reduce separation anxiety and fear of loud noises (thunderstorms/fireworks), increase focus during training sessions or adapt to new surroundings
MADE FOR ADAPTIL CALM HOME DIFFUSER: This product includes one refill vial (diffuser head not included). To maximize effectiveness, replace the vial every 4 weeks
100 percent SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: All dogs are unique, results may vary. (Note: packaging may differ slightly)

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